Entrepreneurs Academy

The Entrepreneurs Academy™ is an online program designed to help you learn the fundamental concepts of starting a business and commercializing your innovation. The Entrepreneurs Academy™ provides valuable information about everything from idea conception, to testing the market need, to securing financing for a commercial venture. Although it is difficult to provide training material for every possible business scenario, the Academy sets you on the right track to evaluate your idea and start commercialization.

The modules provided in the Academy combine a selection of best-in-class videos and reading materials. The activities at the end of each module take you through the process of translating your idea into a business plan. By completing the activities in each module, you will have created your first rough draft of a business plan for your idea. If the opportunity you develop in your plan looks promising enough, then you will have a good foundation to decide about moving forward with the idea—after all, the worst thing you could possibly do as an entrepreneur is never to try.

To register for the Entrepreneurs Academy™, go HERE. If you have difficulties with this, please contact EAcademy@utsa.edu.

The Entrepreneurs Academy™ is a program of the UT TRANSFORM project.