UT TRANSFORM creates and fosters an evolutionary entrepreneurial ecosystem across the campuses of the University of Texas System, thus accelerating the transformation of innovative ideas and new technologies into products with commercial potential. UT San Antonio, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT El Paso, and UT Austin have teamed to launch and manage this project.

UT TRANSFORM comprises two major phases:
  1. Education in innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization through the Entrepreneurs Academy™, including a comprehensive assessment of entrepreneurial activity across UT System campuses.
  2. Creation and use of a platform to identify and fund promising and competitive technologies, providing the inventors with an appropriate support network to help develop and commercialize these technologies. UT innovators can apply for UT Transform seed funding here.

UT TRANSFORM uses performance metrics to track the growth in awareness, participation, technology development, and commercialization as key indicators of UT System success in leading an entrepreneurial evolution in higher education.
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