Research in Innovation and Commerce

The Center's research in innovation and commerce seeks to add to the nation's fundamental knowledge of how innovations are generated and translated into commerce, particularly from the standpoint of universities. Examples of the Center's research include projects on paths for commercialization of university research and on improvement of communication in cross-functional teams. The Center encourages faculty across the UTEP campus to initiate their own research projects related to innovation and commerce.

Why are some universities more likely to generate spin-offs or start-ups than others? Which kinds of research are more likely to be commercialized? Is there an optimal commercialization mechanism between universities and venture capitalists? These questions are central to university leaders, researchers, and venture capitalist.

The research focuses on these questions behind university innovation and commercialization. The interest in academic research in university-driven spin-offs attempts to identify critical elements for successful university commercialization. By considering various moderator effects, this research may provide useful information for university leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and government decision makers.