Mike Loya Joint-Degree Fellows

The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce, as part of its commitment to the advancement of education, and to the extent that resources are available, provides scholarship support to students enrolled in the joint degree program. Students will receive funding in their undergraduate study from the College of Engineering and in their MBA study from the College of Business Administration. Scholarship recipients will be named Mike Loya Joint-Degree Fellows.

Current Fellows

David Salgado

David Salgado is an Electrical Engineering senior and part of the BS/MBA program at UTEP. David has had a large passion for computers and technology from a very young age, but he also discovered an interest in business during his undergraduate career. He is currently an intern with AT&T in the Technology Development Program (TDP) in El Paso. Some of his hobbies include; building computers, sports, and troubleshooting technology. The combination of his previous experiences and skills has earned him the Mike Loya Joint-Degree Fellowship.

After graduating from his BS/MBA, David plans to work for a large technology company and hopefully one day be able to give back to the city of El Paso.

Isaiah Webb

Isaiah Webb is an Engineering Leadership senior student at UTEP. He is part of the second cohort of Mike Loya Joint-Degree Fellows. Isaiah has managed to complete his first semester in the MBA program along with the first half of his Engineering Senior Design course. His undergraduate college career has an extensive background and experience that made him a qualified candidate for the program. He has interned with one of his professors in Strategic Thinking/Planning and last summer he had the opportunity to train as a Field Engineer with Halliburton, one of the world's largest oil field companies. Isaiah is actively participating in community involvement, music production, and improving process/systems.

Upon completion of his MBA in the spring of 2018, Isaiah wishes to fund scholarships for students that will soon be in his place, seeking for opportunities to pursue their careers.

Yazmin Montoya

Yazmin Montoya was born and raised in El Paso, TX. She is a part of the joint BS/MBA program, and is studying Engineering Leadership for her undergraduate education. Yazmin is minoring in biomedical engineering, and has focused on prosthetics, and biomechanics research. She is very passionate about creative writing, health and dermatology. Her background and academic experience made her the perfect recipient of the Mike Loya Joint-Degree Fellowship.

She discovered her passion for business management in her undergraduate projects. Upon completion of her BS/MBA degree, she aspires to work in an engineering company as a project manager or within the supply chain industry.

Previous Fellows

Jorge D. Martinez

Jorge D. Martinez is an Electrical Engineering senior student at UTEP. He was recently accepted as part of the new BS/MBA joint degree program. He is a 21-year-old Mexican national raised in the Juarez/El Paso border region. During his college career he has been actively involved in undergraduate research mainly in the areas of sub-threshold circuits and 3D printed electronics design. Some of his interests are; a passion for embedded system design, music production, and community involvement.

As a future MBA graduate, Jorge looks forward to working with creative entertainment and technology companies that strive for the ultimate user experience in everyday life devices and environments. Jorge is a member of Tau Beta Pi, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu, and Golden Key honors societies.