Applied Research for Commercialization of Innovation

Through funds provided by the Mike Loya Commercialization Fellows endowment, the Center supports research and development projects that hold the potential for commercializing UTEP discoveries, innovations, and inventions.

The purpose of the program is to support research and development initiatives in the College of Engineering, particularly in partnership with an external organization (public or private, academic or industry). Past seed-funding projects include, among others, "RO concentrate minimization and sustainable utilization of by-product solids," "Forming and testing structural building materials made from agricultural waste products," and "Integrated power sources for consumer electronics technology."

Supported projects will receive a semester's fellowship for a graduate student in Engineering.


The lead faculty member must be in the College of Engineering and eligible to be a PI.

Evaluation Criteria


Proposal Format


Proposals should be submitted through here

Keys to Success

Successful proposals in the past have explicitly addressed each of the evaluation criteria. Thus in addressing the criterion of matching funds, successful proposals have included (a) discussion in the proposal of working with partnering organizations, and (b) letter(s) of support indicating commitment to match the Loya funding. For the criterion of adequacy of deliverables, successful proposals have included concrete descriptions of what the project is intended to achieve; note that the Fund's guidelines, in the “Administration” section, indicate that the proposal should include “Methods including specific measurable endpoints for feasibility.” For the criterion of appropriate budget, successful proposals have provided a budget that includes not only the Loya funding but also the matching funding. Finally, for the proposal's budget justification, successful proposals have included a concrete explanation of what the project's personnel will actually do.